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Mona accompanies Hanna when you look at the blowing away from university to use for her bridal skirt having Isabel Randall’s relationships

Mona accompanies Hanna when you look at the blowing away from university to use for her bridal skirt having Isabel Randall’s relationships

Prior to fulfilling the lady, Mona got molded an awful view from Kate, yet not, whenever she match Kate Randall, she quickly takes a taste to help you the woman build and you can accepts their an invitation to meal and soon after a pony farm. Hanna snaps from the Mona, accusing this lady out of befriending Kate having selfish causes, and you will Mona counters you to Hanna might have been bad-tempered since that time Caleb left. She pays attention to Hanna when she conveys their bad thoughts towards the the girl step-members of the family. Mona really does look really apologetic regarding the the girl mistake and fall out Hanna has which have Kate and her relatives.

The girls tell Dr. Sullivan regarding the A beneficial. You to definitely time, Dr. Sullivan attends the institution when you look at the an assembly to fairly share bullying, and you will about somebody intimidating you. Mona is seen through the Dr. Sullivan’s set-up on cyber-bullying and rolls their attention on Hanna, mouthing the expression “incredibly dull.” Ironically, Mona is “A” and probably cared a lot more about exactly what Dr. Sullivan is actually claiming.

Girls had was able to lose Kate’s horses

Within the , Mona are insulted because of the Alison immediately after seeking unsuccessfully to sit with the woman and also the most other females from the school cafeteria. Rebuffed, Mona happens close to Lucas’ dining table. Later on, regarding the college hallways, she witnesses Alison bullying Lucas. Whenever Alison treks out, Lucas growls one she will score what is coming to their, and you can Mona nods uncomfortably during the quiet arrangement. From the Noel’s Halloween party bash, Mona is dressed due to the fact Catwoman. Alison will not appear to know the girl whenever Mona ways Alison and that have a loving good morning. Whenever Alison requires when the she understands the woman, Mona mysteriously responds zero, however, Alison often. Whenever Jenna saunters off her own exchange with Alison, Mona announces Jenna a knowledgeable Gaga, in addition to several expose themselves, appearing to begin with a relationship.

The guy timely deposits it in the trash and you will laughs when Mona starts to shout

When Hanna plans a shock birthday celebration having Caleb she really does maybe not receive Mona, convinced the woman nevertheless up against Caleb. However, she encourages herself and Noel, saying they are relatives today. Hanna agrees, and couples saunters aside together on Rosewood Higher hallways. During the party, Mona and you can Noel matter Hanna’s decision to shop for a dozen pizzas which have green peppers while the Noel is allergic. After the motorboat debacle, Mona is visible which have Noel additional, leaking wet, after they “took a dip” on the lake.

A day later at school, Mona expresses this lady worry so you’re able to Hanna that she is losing Noel. Appear to, the guy invested most of the past nights towards mobile phone, and you can she was required to convince your to go skinny dipping only to track down their notice. Because the Mona guides which have Hanna from the college or university hallways, they look for a student providing off Hanna’s homecoming visualize; Mona barks at him in her buddy’s security. When she continues talking, Hanna is very inattentive. Mona is actually hurt by her friend’s insensitivity, and you will Hanna rushes so you’re able to your bathrooms stall, leaving their pal at the rear of. After, Spencer notices Mona moving away from this new illustrate in Rosewood. Mona says to Spencer that Noel broke up with her, searching center-busted. She offers Spencer a few of the cashmere sweaters she got ordered. Spencer declines and you will comforts Mona that have strengthening conditions, advising the girl she is a lot better than Noel. Mona thank you the lady and supply Spencer an unusual compliment.

Hanna attempts to unit Mona more than the girl break-up with Noel, however, Mona has been troubled with Hanna. Mona grabs good necklace from the woman mature women hookup locker and tries to send it back so you’re able to Noel, who’s position close. Hanna comes after a tearful Mona to your bathroom and you may tries to spirits the lady, though she can’t appear to find the correct terminology. They invest in use the fake IDs at Rive Gauche afterwards one to evening. But, once they make it, Hanna and you may Mona destination Jenna and you will Noel seated together with her in the Rive Gauche.