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A tiny later, Lucy is visible bringing a bath

A tiny later, Lucy is visible bringing a bath

Following, Lucy will get herself within the an effective monologue, where she determines into the and then criticizes the dress solutions she helps make. She imagines a scene where she and Natsu provides kids, as well as the kids feel like Pleased. Into reality, she scolds by herself to own thinking that.

She thinks about the brand new date she has you to definitely nights, however,, although she loves Natsu once the a good comrade, she decides to turn him down

In the evening, Lucy arrives at the old forest and you may suits with Natsu. She seems ashamed through to the section when Natsu suggests that the guy titled the lady since the he needed to search a hole so you’re able to come across a record regarding uncomfortable photo of all the guild members, https://datingranking.net/cs/swingstown-recenze and the girl he had been speaking about was indeed Virgo since the the guy demands her so you’re able to discover the new album. Lucy is actually astonished by this disclosure, and you will slaps your, because the she calls by herself a total idiot. [75]

Rainbow Sakura [ ]

In the Fairy Tail Guild, Makarov try lecturing his guild members on what it is so you can become good Fairy Tail Mage and enjoy the things they’re doing over over the past 12 months, they contain the enough time-awaited Hanami Team. Although not, Group Natsu together with Wendy and you will Carla have left because they adopted Wendy into the a position.

At the same time, Team Natsu was strolling off Mt. Hakobe, seeking a keen herb that may supposedly magnify the Miracle Electricity from good Mage when drank otherwise taken as it is their business to gather numerous men and women. While they traveling, Lucy and you may Wendy discuss the up coming Hanami in to the Horologium if you’re the other three, Natsu, Grey and you will Erza, take down new Vulcans you to definitely ambush her or him. While you are exploring, Natsu picks up the brand new odor of herbs and works towards the them, in order to look for a great Blizzardvern here. As it happens your Blizzardvern is good herbivore and its favourite food is the fresh new herb which they had a need to assemble. Natsu, Gray, and Erza next propose to mark their awareness of them, making Lucy, Wendy, Delighted and you will Carla to gather the new herbs.

Natsu, Gray, and you may Erza assault and you may distract the brand new Blizzardvern, and Lucy, Wendy, Pleased, and you will Carla examine towards plants. This new Blizzardvern seems to mirror Natsu’s fire and you will Gray’s ice and you may actually dodge Erza’s lightning. As they battle, Lucy gets the lady hands on some plant life whenever a keen avalanche abruptly initiate. The latest avalanche sweeps her or him out, but Lucy is effectively able to retain the latest vegetation.

The following day ‘s the day of brand new Hanami. Lucy trapped a cool regarding getting buried on avalanche and very she does not work out to attend. Natsu and Happy actually leaves Lucy’s household so that the girl people. They feel harmful to Lucy given that she really was looking forward towards the festival. Later, the newest festival initiate. Men and women are having a great time, sipping, dinner, and chuckling. Natsu teaches you Lucy’s condition into anyone else. Happy signifies that Wendy should cast a data recovery enchantment on her behalf, it works out Wendy already did and you can Lucy is fine by the the next day. With time, the standard Hanami Bingo event begins. Men and women but Natsu is actually playing and you may trying to profit. Pleased tries to encourage Natsu playing Bingo, but the guy refuses.

During this time, Lucy will be based upon the lady bed in the home, thinking about all feel she got because the go out she found Natsu back at Hargeon Town. She wants one to she went to the Hanami. Prior to she falls sleeping, she thanks a lot Natsu additionally the entire guild if you are there to possess the woman and you may concludes you to definitely she inserted a really great guild. Afterwards one to night, Lucy wakes upwards because of a commotion external. Lucy opens up the latest windows to check what is going on and you can is amazed observe a great Rainbow Sakura tree drifting for the a good vessel on river in the front from the woman family.